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Angela Aebli

What fascinates you about Hawaii?
The connection to nature and how people are embedded in nature. Nature is not somewhere out there, we ARE nature. What’s more, spirituality is lived in everyday life as well as the philosophy of living aloha. - Hawaii has brought me back to my roots. For the first time after many years of living in Switzerland, I feel at home here.

What do you want to achieve with Lomilomi therapy?
A happier, more conscious life in the here and now. I want to accompany people into their power so that their self-healing powers are activated. In addition, I want to promote awareness of the connections between body, food, mind and soul.

In your opinion, what distinguishes Lomilomi from a classical massage?
Lomilomi is holistic, transformational, profound, and sustainable, working on many levels. It's not just about the massage itself. Lomilomi is the heartfelt, accessible, and perceivable experience of practicing the Hawaiian philosophy of life. That can be felt.

When you receive a Lomilomi yourself, what do you experience?
I feel like I’ve been reborn.

What brought you into contact with Lomilomi?
My first stay on Kauai, where I had booked a Qi Gong course. The atmosphere of the island completely captivated me and touched me deeply on an emotional level. That’s when I knew: I want to learn more about this culture. Later, I discovered AlohaSpirit in Meilen, where I started to learn traditional Hula dance. My heart opened - and I was completely immersed in the Hawaiian culture.


  • EMR certification, Lomilomi Therapy, 2022
  • In training. Medicinal Plant Specialist TEN, School of Medicinal Plants Sattel, 2020-2023
  • Pain Therapist according to Liebscher & Bracht 2018
  • Certified teacher for Basic Lōkahi Lomilomi courses, Meilen and Hawaii 2017
  • Personal practice, wellcome.ch, Zurich 2017
  • Complementary therapist with federal diploma, Shiatsu method 2016
  • Certified Lomilomi Practitioner, Meilen and Hawaii 2015
  • Regular stays in Hawaii since 2014
  • Supervisions and assistance in holistic psychotherapy and systemic process work 2011-2012
  • One-year course in holistic psychotherapy and systemic process work, Institut Pegasus IX GmbH, Annette Conzett, Zurich 2010
  • Various further education (Dorn therapy, Breuss massage, manual pain therapy, conversation and communication, quantum intelligence experience, various in-depth workshops in Shiatsu) 2007-2014
  • Postgraduate course in Shiatsu 2005-2007
  • Certified Shiatsu Therapist, Mi Zai Shiatsu, Zurich and Italy 2003-2005
  • Certified Professional Massage Therapist, Bodyfeet Vocational School, Rapperswil 2003-2004
  • Federal Diploma Marketing Planner, BVS Zurich and Winterthur 2002-2003
  • Own massage practice with multiple branches, INSTINCT Switzerland AG, Zurich 2003-2016
  • Management Assistant INSTINCT, Zurich 2000-2002
  • PC user SIZ, WIN School, Zurich 2000-2001
  • Family time-out 1991-2000
  • Management assistant in the areas of insurance, advertising and photography development 1988-1991
  • Commercial Apprenticeship (KV) Winterthur Insurances, Lucerne 1985-1988

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