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Noëlle Delaquis

Noëlle Delaquis is the founder and owner of AlohaSpirit and the only Hawai'i recognized Kumu* Hula and Kumu Lomilomi in Europe.

What has changed since Hawai'i and the culture of the islands became your life's theme?

I have evolved. In Hawai'i, I not only got to know a fascinating culture and holistic medical system, I also got to know an attitude towards life in which each individual is placed into a larger context - with society, with nature, as well as the big picture, i.e. with our planet and ultimately the entire universe. Strictly speaking, we consist of nothing but the dust of extinct stars. At some point that is what we will return to. This has influenced me and taught me to be less ego-centered. I try to live this "Aloha Spirit" in my everyday life and pass it on with AlohaSpirit, our center for Hawaiian body therapy and culture.

What makes Lomilomi different from other massages?

Lomilomi connects body, mind and consciousness. With this holistic approach, body therapy addresses exactly those demands that the hectic daily life of the 21st century places on us. Lomilomi brings us into balance with our inner self and our environment. That is, we become calm and gain strength at the same time.

You had scientific studies conducted that prove the effectiveness of Lomilomi. Were you surprised by the results?

No. In the twenty years that I have been working as a Lomilomi therapist, I have repeatedly received feedback that unanimously confirms a measurable effect of the massage. And not only for physical ailments but also for psychological and emotional challenges, up to and including chronic diseases such as diabetes. In other words: Lomilomi is much more than a massage.

How did you get involved with Lomilomi and Hawai'i in the first place?

My mother, Myra Delaquis, was trained in Lomilomi in Hawai'i before me. Starting in 1996 I assisted her classes. After several visits to Hawai'i - initially related to my commitment to marine mammals at the time - the path was clear for me as well.


  • Appointment as Po'okela "Lokahi Lomilomi" for Europe by Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva, 2022
  • SVEB-Certificate, Modul 1, EB Zurich, 2021 to 20
  • OdA KT „Tronc Commun KomplementärTherapie", 2020 to 2021
  • Counselor SGfB (Swiss Society for Counseling)/psychosocial counselor OIP, 2018
  • Recognition as a Lomilomi instructor for Europe by the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association, HLA, 2016
  • Appointment as instructor "Lokahi Lomilomi" by Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva, 2016
  • Graduation as a certified consultant in formative psychology® at the Center for Form and Transformation (Zentrum für Form und Wandlung) in Zurich, 2015
    Diploma thesis: "The Lomilomi massage as a formative dialogue without words" (PDF version in German)
  • Takeover of the management of AlohaSpirit, 2013
  • Training in formative psychology at the Center for Form and Transformation (Zentrum für Form und Wandlung) in Zurich, 2010 to 2014
  • Awarded the title of Kumu (teacher) for the areas of Hula (Kumu Keala Ching) and Lomilomi (Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva), 2009
  • Training in Lomilomi massage and traditional Hawaiian dances, since 1996
  • Establishment of AlohaSpirit with Myra Delaquis, 1996
  • Regular stays in Hawai'i, since 1995
  • Training as Water Shiatsu and Water Dance Therapist, 1996-1998
  • Training as a classical masseuse, 1997
  • Activist for the protection of marine mammals with OceanCare, 1993-2003
  • Own fashion agency in Zurich, 1990-1998
  • Elementary schools and KV degree in Lugano/Ticino, 1970-1983

* Kumu = Hawaiian for teacher

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