Strengthen the Inner Tree


For almost a year now, a virus has been upsetting my everyday life. Invisible, odorless and soundless, I have no way of grasping the tiny thing with my senses. This unpredictability challenges me day after day, and it will continue to do so for a while.

I am all the more careful to not let myself get rattled. In this respect, my teacher is the huge copper beech in our garden. No matter how strong the storm, how much its leaves rustle and its branches bend, it always finds its balance again. The beech is my role model, I trust it.

I would like to pass this trust on to you - during a Lomilomi massage. In challenging times like these, when psychological tension translates into physical tension, I would like to accompany you on the path to your inner tree. Your body is the trunk, arms and legs are the branches. The storm may shake you, it may make your legs run and your arms gesture wildly. Nonetheless, Lomilomi will bring you back to your inner balance, to your power.

The basis for this is the Hawaiian belief that body, mind and consciousness form a unity. Therefore, therapeutic work on the body also affects the psyche and consciousness. In other words, by nourishing your roots, Lomilomi nourishes your spirit. And by nourishing your spirit, it also nourishes your roots. In short: Lomilomi strengthens your inner tree...

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