Making the "Right" Decision with Lomilomi

Newsletter August 2021

We make countless decisions every day. What should I wear? How can I solve the problem with my boss? Should I buy this or that book? How many decisions we make in total is not known. However, Cornell University (based in the U.S.) conducted a survey in which they found that we make around 226 decisions about food alone every day - far more than the respondents themselves estimated. They assumed that they think about their diet 14 times a day.

Decisions often have far-reaching consequences, for example in the area of politics or relationships. Therefore, it is important to make the "right" decision. However, how do I make the "right" decision?

Let's take a look at the former Hawai'i. Here, the Lomilomi therapists were among the closest confidants of the political decision-makers. They always had access to them and were their most important advisors. Since Lomilomi is a holistic massage, the therapists balanced the body, mind, and spirit of those in power, thus influencing their decisions.

In other words, they made it possible for the political elite to decide "correctly". That is: In line with the Hawaiian philosophy of life Ho'oponopono. The term is based on the Hawaiian word pono, which means "righteousness". The goal of Ho'oponopono is to always do the "right thing", i.e. to find the solution to problems that maximizes the well-being of all parties involved. The focus is not on personal interests, it is always about the community and its well-being, i.e. the bigger picture.



What I am getting at is that Lomilomi is more than just a massage. Lomilomi connects us to ourselves and thus helps us to achieve clarity. Moreover, the massage makes us permeable, it lets us become mindful and empathetic. This is the foundation to finding those decisions that are good and sustainable for all involved.

If we succeed in making these "right" decisions in our everyday life, we have achieved a lot. Through this, we are on a long path that will bring our world back into its inner balance. It urgently needs it.

PS: Did you know that Lomilomi has proven effects? To examine its effects, we had an analysis of scientific studies on Lomilomi and other massages with similar techniques conducted. The results surprised even us. You can find a summary on the home page of our website

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