Lomilomi new on the method list of the EMR

Newsletter September 2021

After ten years of persistent commitment, AlohaSpirit has achieved one of its great goals.

Finally! After the ASCA, now also the "ErfahrungsMedizinischeRegister" of Switzerland, EMR, includes Lomilomi therapy in its register as of January 1, 2022. In other words, with the EMR, the major quality label in German-speaking Switzerland for complementary medicine methods has now also recognized the importance and therapeutic benefits of Lomilomi.

Already in 2019, the ASCA, known as the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine and especially active in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, has accepted our school and our therapists.

Thanks to the inclusion on the method list of the EMR, the conditions are now also created so that the health insurance companies can reimburse Lomilomi treatments through their supplementary insurance in the future. It is not yet clear which insurance companies will accept this and how much they will reimburse. Negotiations with the Swiss Health Insurance, EGK, are already well advanced; with the other insurers they are still in progress. However, as the majority of Swiss insurers rely on the EMR and ASCA method lists for reimbursement, we are confident.

Growing interest in Lomilomi

With the inclusion of Lomilomi on its method list, the conditions are now also in place for Lomilomi therapists to register with the EMR in the future. This development will have a further positive influence on the awareness and spread of Lomilomi in Switzerland. We expect more clients and therefore a growing interest in Lomilomi courses.

However, registration with ASCA and EMR is subject to two conditions:

  • You need a specialized training as a Lomilomi therapist. Currently only the AlohaSpirit diploma training meets the requirements for registration with the two quality labels.
  • You need for the EMR and ASCA registration additionally a basic medical training. This basic training must take place before or during the specialized training, at an accredited school.

Of course, we realize that this two-step training is challenging. But we are convinced that the commitment is worth it. The high quality training leads to a professionalization of Lomilomi, combined with an increase in therapeutic quality and thus a growing demand for your services. This professionalization also changes the often false image of Lomilomi in Switzerland: away from the idea of a gentle caressing massage on a palm tree beach to a well-founded body therapy that treats body as well as mind and soul.

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