Lomilomi: From a Massage to Therapy

Newsletter October 2021

Due to its wide range of applications Lomilomi can be used throughout the whole treatment chain - prevention, therapy, rehabilitation.

Through the acceptance of Lomilomi as a therapy method by the EMR (Experiential Medicine Registry; German: ErfahrungsMedizinische Register) - see our last newsletter - we have succeeded in taking another big step in the recognition of Lomilomi. Therefore, we will no longer only speak of "Lomilomi massage", but also of "Lomilomi therapy".

Why? Because Lomilomi is much more than a massage. Lomilomi is a holistic treatment that involves not only the body but also the soul and mind. Lomilomi enables a person to achieve homeostasis, that is, self-regulation. What's more, the therapy supports us in creating inner balance - a state that has been especially important during times of corona. Throughout the pandemic, we have not only been challenged physically but also psychologically.

Therefore, we have put together ten points that show the potential of Lomilomi therapy for ailments such as those caused by Covid-19. Here is a first selection:

  • Lomilomi is suitable for musculoskeletal and nervous system complaints, states of exhaustion, psychological imbalance, and inflammatory processes. Moreover, Lomilomi involves not only muscles, fascia, and joints, it also targets the organs and our bone structure. According to Hawaiian conviction, the bones are – in line with the western findings of epigenetics - the seat of memories. Thus, Lomilomi has a very wide range of applications.

  • During Lomilomi-therapy the lymphatic, arterial and venous circulation in the whole body is supported, thus regulating the nervous system. Therefore, Lomilomi additionally promotes ideal body tension.
  • The therapeutic success of Lomilomi is not only based on the work on the body. Moreover, it is a consequence of the authentic contact with the client(s) established during the treatment(s) - as required by the Hawaiian Lomilomi tradition. Therefore, the treatments always begin with a conversation to understand where and how the clients stand in life, how they are embedded in their family, society, and profession, and what problems and wishes they have. The connection between personal contact and therapy success has also been scientifically proven.

  • Lomilomi works as a therapy as well as prevention and rehabilitation. Lomilomi activates the body's defenses, relieves tension and can prevent possible secondary diseases.

However, Lomilomi can only have these effects if the therapy is carried out professionally. In other words, the therapists do not practice Lomilomi as a massage under palm trees but as a demanding body therapy. This therapy not only combines elements of massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy and herbal medicine based on a centuries-old tradition, what's more it incorporates Hawaiian rituals and the Hawaiian lifestyle.

To be able to perform such a Lomilomi therapy, professional and authentic training is required. Currently, this professional training, with a diploma degree and access to various health care organizations is only offered by AlohaSpirit in Switzerland. If you would like to know more about this, please visit our website www.AlohaSpirit.ch or contact us directly. We are happy to give you more information personally.

PS. In our next newsletter, we will go into more points that show the effect of Lomilomi in the treatment chain prevention-therapy-rehabilitation.

PPS. The EMR has interviewed with Noëlle Delaquis in connection with the inclusion of Lomilomi as a new method. The interview is in the attachment (German language).

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