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Newsletter August 2023

Decisions are like fruit. They take time to ripen, they require patience. I didn't realize that for a long time. After it became clear that I would have to leave my previous Hale - after 16 years of happiness - I started looking for a new home for AlohaSpirit. Looking at a potential property every few days, I was driven by the feeling of landing on the street one day.

Nonetheless, all the buildings had a catch. Or several catches. They were too expensive, too small, too big, very ugly, hard to reach, the landlords arrogant or unfriendly... This went on for over a year until I gave up my search. I realized I was doing something wrong. Was overlooking something. But what? Anyway, one day to the next, I stopped looking at ads. Deciding to wait - and to trust. I had already put all my chips in this basket years ago, in 2007.

A sunny, yellow AlohaSpirit in Seefeld

Back then I was successful. I found my Hale in Meilen, because I was the only one who realized that this overflowing barn could be transformed into a gem. Would it work again this time? Yes! Barely a month passed before the door that I knew existed somewhere appeared. At first, it opened only a crack, a glimmer of hope, no more. Then things started to fall into place like a puzzle, resulting in AlohaSpirit’s new home.

I am very happy to be running the AlohaSpirit training and dance premises at Alderstrasse 28 in Zurich Seefeld, from November 1st, 2023.  There, I will be able to continue teaching the Hawaiian Healing Arts, Lomilomi, and Hula. It is a great fortune to be able to rent a space in a beautiful new building - yellow like the sun and owned by the family of the Hula dancer Eveline Gucker Iseli. Hereby, I want to thank the Gucker family in advance for their trust.

"The House of Lomilomi"

What’s more: Simultaneously, Angela Aebli (, Cornelia Bollier ( and I ( are opening "The House of Lomilomi" at the same address. Angela as well as Cornelia and I studied with one of the most recognized of all Hawaiian Lomilomi teachers, Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva for many years. We have known each other for a very long time and have often cooperated successfully and with pleasure. Combined, we bring 50 years of Lomilomi experience to the table, which we are now bringing together in our joint practice at Alderstrasse 28. The "House of Lomilomi" will thus become the national competence center for Hawaiian body therapies! Here everything will revolve around Lomilomi and maybe more: Our cooperation is a solid foundation for synergies and thus the best ground for new ideas and projects... I am very happy about this development! The door has opened! Great!

The essence of 16 years are moving with me

With this, my time in Meilen is coming to an end. In 2007 I opened the Hale AlohaSpirit, and now I will soon close it forever: The small barn will be demolished. Nonetheless, the essence of these years is moving with me. Ten thousand hours of experience in Lomilomi therapy, 20 years of hula dance, the ancestral lineage and connection to our teachers in Hawai'i as well as to my mother Tutu Myra, the training as a psychosocial counselor as well as the knowledge in Hawaiian philosophy of life. I am taking all of this with me into our new beautiful, modern spaces. Moreover, they are easily accessible from the lakeside towns as well as from the center of Zurich. No longer with a view of the lake but very close to it.

I am looking forward to welcoming you soon for a final visit at Pfannenstielstrasse 112 in Meilen - and from November on in Seefeld, Zurich. Let yourself be surprised!

E Komo Mai and warmly,


Cornelia Bollier / Angela Aebli / Noëlle Delaquis

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