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Newsletter October 2023

A new era has begun at AlohaSpirit. We have closed our hale in Meilen and are opening a new training center and Lomilomi practice in Zurich Seefeld on November 1st, 2023. However, not only is AlohaSpirit moving; we are also introducing several innovations - for example, Lomilomi without oil. Time for a visit?

After 16 years in Meilen, it wasn’t easy for us to leave our little barn overlooking the lake. In the meantime it has become a bit rickety. Nonetheless, it has grown very close to our hearts. There is so much we - and maybe you as our customer or guest - have experienced here.

Nonetheless: Let's think positively. First, the good news. AlohaSpirit will remain on Lake Zurich, what’s more, we are moving a good deal closer to the shore. We are now located at Alderstrasse 28 in Seefeld, Zurich, less than two hundred meters from the water. Secondly: AlohaSpirit is now easier to reach. No more train to Meilen, no bus to Pfannenstielstrasse. From Bellevue, it's a four-minute streetcar ride to Höschgasse, then another four-minute walk to Alderstrasse.

New ideas for the new place

And the best news: We have taken the new start in the city as an opportunity to revise and expand our offerings. Here's what's new and improved for you at AlohaSpirit:

  • Hula for beginners: Hula, the traditional Hawaiian dance, is considered the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people and is part of to the Hawaiian "Healing Arts“. Therefore, hula is much more than a dance: It is an art with healing effects. The dances tell the stories of the love on the pacific islands, about the beautiful nature and about the experiences of the Hawaiian deities. In the new beginners class you will learn hula step by step - we have 20 years of experience. Where: Alderstrasse 28, 8008 Zurich. When: Starting January 2024 every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8pm. Cost per month: CHF 100. Registration:
  • Hula for children: Does your child enjoy stories and sagas? Then we have a unique offer for your  offspring. The new class "Keiki-Hula" - hula for kids - is an opportunity to get to know hula at an early age. By dancing together, children learn to connect body and mind, while building self-confidence and a sense of community within the group. Where: Schwabachstrasse 155, 8706 Feldmeilen. When: Starting in January 2024, every Monday at 4:45 p.m. (course duration 45 minutes). Cost: CHF 250 per semester; reductions possible. Direction: Isabel Akers, hula dancer at AlohaSpirit for 13 years. Registration:
  • Lomilomi - something completely different: Based on centuries-old Polynesian knowledge, Lomilomi is the traditional Hawaiian body therapy. AlohaSpirit has been offering Lomilomi for over 20 years, resulting in more than 10,000 hours of experience. Based on our deep knowledge, we have now developed a new variation in addition to our existing offers: Lomilomi without oil. In this variation of Lomilomi, the massage is done without oil, over a towel or even over the clothes. Unlike Lomilomi with oil, the quality of touch is more compression-based which involves the bones, rather than gliding motions. Hands and forearms work their way forward bit by bit, following the principle of "contain - connect - expand" Location: Alderstrasse 28, 8008 Zurich. Duration: 1 ½ or 2 ½ hours. Booking: online via

Meet Kumu Keala Ching from Hawai'i.

All other offers by AlohaSpirit remain unchanged, such as our offers regarding training to become a Lomilomi Practitioner or a Lomilomi Therapist. All information can be found on our website, along with the dates of the various workshops held by our Hawaiian teacher Kumu Keala Ching. Getting to know Kumu personally is a great opportunity to learn about Hawaiian culture and philosophy of life - and thus the Hawaiian people's view of the world. Check it out!

Mahalo + warmly


PS: Due to the high costs in Zurich we are forced to adjust our prices for Lomilomi massages: For example, a 90 minute massage now costs CHF 200 (previously CHF 180). Please check our website as of November 1st for the updated prices of all other massages.

PPS: Simultaneously to AlohaSpirit opening the new Hale and the new massage practice at Alderstrasse 28, Cornelia Bollier and Angela Aebli are opening a Lomilomi practice at the same address. This creates the first competence center for Hawaiian body therapies in Switzerland in Seefeld. Together we combine 50 years of experience. Come & see!

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