Where does strength come from?

Newsletter March 2024

I am often asked where I get the strength and stamina to make my thoughts, visions, and projects a reality. Especially, in a world of destruction and wars, full of misery and endless pain, with all these Köppels, Trumps and Putins.

How can I - what’s more, how can we all - still get involved and strive for a better world? How, where and for whom on this planet? Does it even make sense? Is all the hoping and helping naive?

Below I share my thoughts on this...

What awaits you in this newsletter:
1. Main Topic: "Where does strength come from?"
2. Upcoming Dates at AlohaSpirit
3. Hawaiian Proverb - 'Olelo No'eau

"Where does strength come from?"

My strength comes from within. Having plenty of energy for long working days is part of my pre-disposition - which I am very grateful for. Beyond that, I draw strength from supporting others on their journey. In other words: By working, I strengthen myself. It sounds paradoxical but it's a classic win-win situation. The decisive factor is that I always try to err on the side of the good, the solution. I err on the side of health, peace, love and kindness. Not today or tomorrow; once a week or when the sun shines. No. Being part of the solution is a lifestyle! My teacher Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva said: "Action speaks louder than words." Don't talk about war or violence, about right and wrong. Take action! Live the good, the peace! In other words: I err on the side of ALOHA. Always. And I live ALOHA. That gives me strength. I can pass this strength on. It makes me happy.

Recognizing these connections and integrating them into my everyday life has been a long process. I have received help and inspiration from my wonderful role models. Specifically my Hawaiian teachers Kumu Keala Ching and Kumu Dane Silva and my mother Tutu Myra. With their wisdom and experience, they gave me a solid foundation, along with the responsibility to pass on and share this strength. They gave me the task of carrying the values associated with ALOHA out into the world – moving as a counterpart to horror, bitterness, resignation, and indifference.

Hence my message: Live and act the way you want the world to be. Be a role model for others. Don't be blinded by others' light but shine your own! As Kumu Keala Ching says: "Shine your light". As brightly as possible. Thereby - and only in this way - others shine with you. My mother always mentioned the poem "Roman Fountain" to exemplify this. In it, Carl Ferdinand Meyer underlines that we must ensure our well is full of flowing water. Only then can we share it, only then can everyone drink from it. Those who share do not become poorer, but richer.

Upcoming Events at AlohaSpirit

March 27th – Zoom Information Evening:

From 7 to 8 pm you will learn everything about AlohaSpirit. Do you have any questions about Lomilomi massage, our Lomilomi training courses, Hula, Ho'oponopono or the unique workshops with Kumu Keala in Zurich in June? Then join us and become part of the AlohaSpirit-Ohana (AlohaSpirit family).

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Kumu Keala Ching

March 30th – Monthly Hula Day:

Whether beginner or advanced: Come to our Hula-Auana day. We dance hula together in ALOHA, learn more about Hawaiian culture, train our strength and flexibility and immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of Hawai'i. Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. LET'S HULA!

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20th anniversary of our hula school, June 2023 at Millers, Zurich.

April 5th/6th & April 12th/13th - Introduction to Lomilomi Massage:

Have you always wanted to go to Hawai'i? Have you already been and would like to go again? Maybe it's too far, too expensive? You no longer fly or simply don't have the time?

In any case, our Lomilomi introductory course is like a trip to Hawai'i and back. In just four days you will experience and learn a lot about Hawai'i. You will gain the necessary knowledge to be able to independently apply the basic techniques of traditional Lomilomi massage.

The 4-day introductory workshop is the foundation for all further courses. It corresponds to Module 1 of our Lomilomi therapy training.

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Hawaiian Proverb - 'Olelo No'eau
By Mary Kawena Pukui

Translation: "First the foundation, then the building/house"

Meaning: "First build the foundation on solid ground and only then start with the walls."

That's all for today. We look forward to welcoming you at AlohaSpirit soon - be it in our school, the practice or at the next information evening via Zoom. Hawai'i very close in Zurich - let's share ALOHA!



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