It's that time again! June is approaching and with it the visit of Kumu Keala Ching.

Newsletter May 2024

For the 21st time, we welcome Kumu, our unique advisor and teacher from Hawai'i, at the Hale AlohaSpirit. A true blessing and a great honor!

Throughout ten days, we will dedicate ourselves to Hawaiian knowledge, lifestyle and culture in workshops and events led by Kumu Keala and be inspired by his wisdom. It's a time of learning, sharing and celebration - a time to immerse ourselves with an open mind and curiosity.

What’s more, Kumu's visit requires a commitment on our side. A commitment that has to do with the heart. More on this below. Keyword: “Be there!”

What you can expect in this newsletter:
1. Main topic: “Be there! - Be there!”
2. Upcoming dates at AlohaSpirit
3. Hawaiian proverb - 'Olelo No'eau

«Be there!»

It is all good and well that we appreciate and are fascinated by Hawai'i and the culture of the islands. However, learning from Kumu should not and must not be a one-sided process. The goal is a fair balance between give and take. So how can we avoid benefiting one-sidedly – in other words, selfishly - from the tradition and way of life of the islands? How can we prevent cultural appropriation?

These questions are important because we have a responsibility towards Kumu Keala and their people - especially since the people of Hawai'i have suffered greatly from the effects of colonialism in the past and continue to do so. Remember: Hawai'i is occupied by the United States. The islands did not voluntarily join the United States. Hula dancing was banned, Lomilomi was banned... What’s more, when hearing the word ‘Hawai’I’, many people in this country think of the following: Drinks with parasols, toast Hawai'I and coconut shells as bras!

Therefore, I asked Kumu Keala what we can give back to him as Kumu/teacher and the islands. What we can do to say thank you and pay respect to the true Hawai'i. Kumu's answer is short and clear: “Be there!”

Be there! This means that when Kumu Keala comes to us as a representative of the people of Hawai'i, as a source of knowledge and inspiration, we should listen to him: Attentively, with interest, respectfully, humbly, and openly. He demands no more, but also no less.

Take advantage of Kumu's visit. Immerse yourself, learn and enjoy, as well as educate yourself. Then, live your knowledge responsibly, thus supporting our commitment to promoting Hawaiian culture. In short: “Be there!”

Next dates at AlohaSpirit

Every Thursday from 6.30 to 8 pm - Hula Foundation Training:

Hula dance training, all are welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

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Hula Dance


May 18th: Hula Dance - Monthly Immersion Day

Whether you are a beginner or advanced: Come to our Hula-'Auana day (modern dance). We will dance hula together in ALOHA, learn more about Hawaiian culture, increase our strength and flexibility and immerse ourselves in the world of Hawai'i. Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. LET'S HULA!

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Hula Dance

May 27th: Zoom Information Evening

From 7 to 8 pm you can find out everything about AlohaSpirit. Do you have any questions about Lomilomi massage, our Lomilomi training courses, hula dance, Ho'oponopono or the unique workshops with Kumu Keala in Zurich in June? Then join us and become part of the AlohaSpirit-'Ohana (AlohaSpirit family).

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In JUNE – with Kumu Keala Ching

Poster Hawaiian Weekend

June, 21st: Yearly Hula Performance

Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. Hula electrifies. Hula is grace. Hula is elegance and strength - and tells the myths and stories of the islands through dance. On June 21st, the hula dancers from AlohaSpirit/Na Wai Ohi'a will show what they have been rehearsing throughout the past few months. Kumu Keala and his niece Helena will enrich the evening with dance and stories. A great experience!

Location: Theater-Saal in the Health Centre for the Elderly, Klus-Park, Asylstrasse 130, 8032 Zurich

Time: 6.30 pm to approx. 8 pm

Costs: Donations

E komo mai! A warm welcome!

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Kumu Keala Ching

Hula Dance

June 22nd and 23rd: Hawaiian Language and Values

The people of Hawai'i call their language 'Olelo Hawai'i. After Hawaiian was banned from everyday life on the islands by American missionaries in the 19th century, the language has been experiencing a renaissance since 1970. We will not only learn a lot about the people and culture but also about the way of thinking and the unique philosophy of life in Hawai'i.

All are welcome, no previous knowledge is required.

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Hawaiian Language and Values

June 26th and 27th: Self-Ho'oponopono & Ho'oponopono

Ho'oponopono is one of the most important Hawaiian philosophies of life. The term is based on the Hawaiian word Pono, which means “righteousness”. The doubling of the word underlines the importance of the topic. Ho'oponopono aims to find what is “right”, i.e. the solution that brings well-being for all involved.

Ho'oponopono also exists in an individualized form: Self-Ho'oponopono. The aim here is to find what is “right” and therefore, the best for you on a personal level. Applied to Europe, Self-Ho'oponopono can best be compared to the concept of emotional intelligence, i.e. the ability to perceive, understand and influence one's own and other people's feelings.

Quote Kumu Keala: “Everything begins and ends with you!”

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June 29th and 30th: Hawaiian Hula Dance Weekend

We will learn Hula-Kahiko (traditional dance) and Hula 'Auana (modern dance). We will also practice chanting and learn more about the history of hula and the culture of Hawai'i.

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Hawaiian Proverb - ‘Olelo No’eau Nr. 142
by Mary Kawena Pukui

Translation: “No work is too great when shared by all”


That's all for today. We look forward to welcoming you at AlohaSpirit soon - be it in our school, the practice or at the next information evening via Zoom. Hawai'i very close in Zurich - let's share ALOHA!



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