Lomilomi - The Queen of Massages

The fact that Lomilomi was developed on islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is no coincidence:

Just like the waves of the ocean, the massaging hands flow along the body, taking care of the restless surface and soothing it in depth - never forgetting that the body is part of a whole, inseparable from the mind and soul.

What is Lomilomi?

Reimbursement from health insurance companies:

Lomilomi is recognized by seven health insurance companies (as of January 2022) as a complementary form of therapy and the service is reimbursed accordingly. The amount of reimbursement varies depending on the insurance company.

Insurers that recognize Lomilomi

Please check with your supplementary insurance to what extent Lomilomi therapy is covered.

For body, mind & soul
Lomilomi Kaua Noelle Delaquis

Lomilomi Kaua

Lomilomi Kaua is our massage for individuals. On a physical level, Lomilomi Kaua primarily relieves tension and promotes flexibility. Based on a holistic approach, Lomilomi Kaua not only involves the body but also the mind and consciousness.

Experience for couples
Lomilomi Palua

Lomilomi Palua

Lomilomi Palua is an experience for couples. During the massage, you and your partner lie side by side on two massage beds and are massaged simultaneously, by one person each. Couples Lomilomi is a special experience and a unique way to deepen your connection.

For individuals
Lomilomi Signature Noelle Delaquis

Lomilomi Signature by Noëlle Delaquis

Lomilomi Signature by Noëlle Delaquis is for individuals who want to take time for themselves, who are in a challenging situation, or a phase of transition.

Full body salt peeling
Lomilomi Pa'akai

Lomilomi Pa‘akai

Lomilomi Pa'akai is a full-body salt scrub massage that uses Hawaiian salt.

For pregnant women
Lomilomi Hapai

Lomilomi Hapai

Lomilomi Hapai is for pregnant women. Primarily, pregnancy is a sign of happiness and anticipation of new life. However, it is often accompanied by physical side effects. Soothing Lomilomi Hapai therapy supports this process.

Sitting massage
Lomilomi Noho

Lomilomi Noho

Lomilomi Noho is a massage that is conducted in a seated position and was developed by our teacher Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva. The massage is done without a table, without oil and without changing clothes.

Balance & Harmony
Lomilomi Lokahi

Lomilomi Lōkahi

Is a new stage of life approaching? Does your previous concept of life no longer suit you, the future, however, is not yet within reach? - Lomilomi-Lōkahi leads to answers.

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