Lomilomi Kaua

Our massage for individuals

Lomilomi Kaua is our massage for individuals. On a physical level, Lomilomi Kaua primarily relieves tension and promotes flexibility. Based on a holistic approach, Lomilomi Kaua not only involves the body but also the mind and consciousness.

Duration / costs:

1 hour 30 minutes/CHF 200.-
2 hours 30 minutes/CHF 300.-

(including pre- and post-consultation)

Through Lomilomi Kaua we offer traditional and original Hawaiian body therapy. Lomilomi Kaua focuses on the joints, muscles and nerves with the goal of freeing the flow of energy, reducing tension and relieving pain and stress. Additionally, Lomilomi Kaua accompanies individuals in their search for inner balance, mental health and satisfaction.

In comparison to other massages, we use less oil. Lomilomi Kaua can be booked in different lengths.

Depending on your health insurance, it is possible to be reimbursed for the costs of the massage.

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