Lomilomi Lōkahi

Is a new stage of life approaching? Does your previous concept of life no longer suit you, the future, however, is not yet within reach? - Lomilomi-Lōkahi leads to answers.

Duration / costs:

Costs: CHF 1'400.-
Duration: 10 hours in total
Spread over several days, by arrangement.

The goal of Lomilomi-Lōkahi is to bring lives into balance internally and externally - that is, to create harmony between the past, present, and future. In Hawaiian, this idea is called the Lōkahi* triangle. Involving the body, mind and consciousness, we search for the right way to find this balance together. This is the foundation to increase growth, for the ability to act, and for health and happiness. We only continue to develop by involving the person as a whole.

Lomilomi Lōkahi - unlike other Lomilomi massages - is characterized by long massage movements. Comparable to the waves of the ocean that exist without a beginning or an end, the movements flow along the body without interruption, beginning at the ankles and finding their way up to the neck, starting at the shoulders and ending at the soles of the feet.

Lomilomi-Lōkahi is not an isolated massage, it consists of various therapies and consultations, totaling ten hours. Lomilomi-Lōkahi consists of:

  • Initial consultation
  • Several Lomilomi massages
  • Salt scrub
  • Self-Ho‘oponopono
  • Final consultation

The counseling sessions are based on the Hawaiian philosophy of life Self-Ho'oponopono as well as body-oriented psychology. This is a combination of counseling techniques that are only offered by AlohaSpirit.

Depending on your health insurance, it is possible to be reimbursed for the costs of the massage.

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