Lomilomi Signature by Noëlle Delaquis

Lomilomi Signature by Noëlle Delaquis is for individuals who want to take time for themselves, who are in a challenging situation, or a phase of transition.

Duration / costs:

Costs: CHF 380.-
Duration: 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes
(including pre- and post-consultation)

As a holistic experience, Lomilomi Signature involves the body as well as the mind and consciousness. The goal is to lay the foundation on which questions can be answered and on which the future can be shaped.

Lomilomi Signature by Noëlle Delaquis focuses on a very traditional meaning of Lomilomi. In traditional Hawai'i, dignitaries used to receive a massage before making important decisions. The massage supported them in finding the right solution by inducing a state of relaxation and by creating harmony between body, mind and soul. Lomilomi Signature is based on this concept. The massage is a means to detach from the old and embrace the new; supporting the search for clarity.

A short meditation to start

Lomilomi Signature begins with a cup of Hawaiian tea and a preliminary consultation in which the background, desires, and goals of the hours to come are clarified. Whether or not the massage should be complemented by additional elements - such as a salt scrub or Hawaiian exercises in self-awareness and reflection - is decided collectively. A short meditation sets the mood for the massage.

Ask questions, find answers

Lomilomi Signature is more than a massage. It is a ceremony that focuses on finding out more about yourself, your present, and your future along the way. The goal is to look at unanswered questions holistically. That is, not only with the head and mind but by including the whole body and all its signals.

Accompanied by tea and a snack, our Lomilomi Signature ends with a detailed follow-up consultation: How are things now, after the ceremony? Have you found clarity? What is the next step? The follow-up talk is supplemented by instructions on how to integrate the experiences of the last hours into everyday life.

Depending on your health insurance, it is possible to be reimbursed for the costs of the massage.

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