Exam preparation and diploma examination

Module 8 / Ready for professional Lomilomi massages

Module 8 / Exam preparation and diploma examination
December 4 - 7, 2024

Our diploma workshop expands your knowledge for a professional future as a Lomilomi therapist. Prerequisite for participation is a successful completion of all other modules. At the end of the course, you will take a practical and a theoretical exam. External speakers will introduce you to topics such as epigenetics and bias and more. At the end of this workshop, you will receive the AlohaSpirit Lomilomi diploma, and we congratulate you to the title "Certified Lomilomi Therapist AlohaSpirit".

With the AlohaSpirit Lomilomi diploma in your pocket, you can immediately register with ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine), SVBM (Swiss Association of Professional Masseurs) and ALH (Association Lomilomi Hawai'i). This is a quality label that is currently only possible with AlohaSpirit.

Learning Objectives

  • You have passed your oral, written and practical exams.
  • You are able to reflect and present your practice treatments/protocols.
  • You have acquired additional knowledge from an external speaker on a selected topic and can apply it.

Good to know

  • Course duration:
    32 hours of class in total
  • Language:
    German, with Italian/English translation if needed
  • Meals:
    Lunch is spent together, Hawaiian style. Everyone brings a vegetarian or vegan dish for the potluck.
  • Costs:
    CHF 990,- incl. documentation (additional examination fees incl. diploma and course confirmation CHF 350.-)

The exam regulations can be ordered from AlohaSpirit.

If recognition by the medical registries ASCA and EMR is desired, all participants of our diploma course are required to complete the basic training before or during the Lomilomi specialized training. This foundation training consists of 340 learning hours and must be completed at an external, accredited school.

AlohaSpirit is the only Lomilomi school in Europe that is recognized by the Association Lomilomi Hawai'i.

All our courses meet the requirements of EMR and ASCA. Whether a course is recognized as further education for your registered method, however, is determined exclusively by EMR or ASCA.

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