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Deepening massage skills back

Deepening Massage skills (reverse side)
February 16–19, 2022
Deepening Massage skills (reverse side)
April 22 - 23, 2022 (part 1)
May 6 - 7, 2022 (part 2)

The Advanced 1 Workshop builds on the content from the Basics Workshop. The focus is on the back of the body. The course provides you with deeper anatomical knowledge, enabling you to perform a Lomilomi full body massage successfully and in the Hawai'i tradition. We will focus on individual muscles, practice specific techniques as well as connection and flow of movements. The workshop will be conducted with a maximum of 16 people. To learn the massage techniques, you will practice on participants; in return, you will get the chance to lie down and experience what the massage feels like.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the workshop, you are able to work specifically on muscles, joints and Lomilomi-Points.
  • You can explain the mechanisms of the treatment and the techniques used.
  • You can recognize and name the muscles and joints taught in the Advanced 1 workshop.
  • Advanced concepts of Hawaiian culture and philosophy of life are familiar to you.
  • Basic knowledge of hula dance, Hawaiian chanting (singing) and Ho'omana exercises are familiar to you.
  • You can use body mechanics in your work.
  • Language: German, with Italian/English translation if needed

Good to know

  • Prerequisite:
    Successful completion of the Basics Workshop at AlohaSpirit
  • Target group:
    All those who have attended our Lomilomi Basics Workshop and would like to continue the training.
  • Duration:
    4 days; 32 hours of class in total; course confirmation included
  • Costs:
    CHF 890.-
  • Location:

Meals: Lunch is spent together, Hawaiian style. Everyone brings a vegetarian or vegan dish for the potluck. Overnight stay: Course participants can spend the night at AlohaSpirit for a fee of CHF 30.-. Shower, toilet and mat available; please bring your own sleeping bag.

Language of instruction: German, with Italian/English translation if needed.

Schedule: The workshop will be held with a maximum of 16 participants. In order to learn the massage techniques, you will practice on participants; in return, you will get the chance to lie down and experience how the massage feels. In addition, you will gain insight into Hawaiian culture through in-depth exposure to hula, song, and theoretical knowledge. This knowledge is part of the Lomilomi diploma training.

AlohaSpirit is the only Lomilomi school in Europe that is recognized by the Association Lomilomi Hawai'i.

All our courses meet the requirements of EMR and ASCA. Whether a course is recognized as further education for your registered method, however, is determined exclusively by EMR or ASCA.

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