This is AlohaSpirit

Lomilomi Lokahi

AlohaSpirit strengthens.

AlohaSpirit moves.

AlohaSpirit connects.

AlohaSpirit is the only center for Hawaiian bodywork and culture in Switzerland. We have been offering training and further education in Lomilomi massage, Hula dance and Hawaiian culture since 1996. In addition, we offer psychological counseling based on the Hawaiian philosophy of life Self-Ho'oponopono in connection with the findings of body-oriented psychology.


In the field of body therapies, AlohaSpirit is the only school in Switzerland accredited by:

Our training is considered the foundation for ASCA recognition. Therapists with a diploma from AlohaSpirit can register with the SVBM under the method Lomilomi and apply for membership with the ALH.

Registration with these organizations is a quality label, which is currently only possible with AlohaSpirit. Our vision is to achieve general health insurance recognition for the Lomilomi method. Since the end of 2020, we are one big step closer to this goal.

Our Human Image

  • We see human beings as unique, holistic beings, as a unity of body, mind and soul, in relationship and in interaction with their environment and surroundings. Always searching for inner balance, health and satisfaction.
  • We appeal to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and of all ages. They are people interested in growth, development and health for themselves and others.
  • We recognize and promote the right of every person to develop and live their life in a self-responsible, active and dignified way. We are grateful to be able to accompany people on a part of their journey in Aloha.

Didactics and Pedagogy

  • We pass on and combine Hawaiian and Western knowledge. Personal development, in other words, inner growth, is central in all our teaching.
  • With annual training in Hawai'i, we constantly update and deepen our skills and knowledge. We expand our western know-how regularly with the support of professionals who are engaged in the fields of physiotherapy, anatomy, psychology, pedagogy and medicine in Europe.

Partners & Cooperations

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