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AlohaSpirit – Center for Hawaiian Bodywork and Culture

A visit to AlohaSpirit is like a journey to Hawai'i and back. We bring you closer to the medicine, culture and life philosophy of the islands. At our center, you can book a Hawaiian Lomilomi massage or become a Lomilomi therapist through our training program. As a dancer in our hula group, you can experience the stories of Hawai'i. What’s more, you can learn how to do the "right thing" in every situation during a workshop with our Hawaiian teacher Kumu Keala Ching.

Additionally, as you visit, you will begin to perceive what makes the Pacific Islands so special. It is the unique philosophy of life. It recognizes us humans as holistic beings, consisting of body, mind and consciousness. In turn, these beings see themselves as part of their holistic environment, that is, part of nature, part of creation and part of the universe. One with themselves and their environment, these people have the ability to integrate themselves into the big community with others in a special way. They recognize that we all belong together and form one big 'Ohana - Hawaiian for family. Compassion, love, gratitude, and the connection of the self with the big whole are the essence of their being. They live the "Aloha Spirit."

We at AlohaSpirit live this philosophy, and we are happy to share it with you.

E komo mai! - Welcome!

PS. Lomilomi has scientifically proven effects. Read more here.

This is AlohaSpirit


More than 10'000 hours of lomilomi-practice

Since 1996

Center for hawaiian bodywork and culture in Switzerland


The only center for Hawaiian body therapies in Europe recognized by the Association Lomilomi Hawai'i


Member of the Swiss Association of Professional Masseurs and Masseuses, SVBM


By the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine, ASCA


Hula dance school with national and international performances


From 2022 Lomilomi is registered on the method list of the ErfahrungsMedizinisches-Register (EMR).


The training to become a certified Lomilomi therapist is currently only available at AlohaSpirit.


For 25 years we have been taught exclusively by Hawaiian Kumu (teachers).

Course overview by date

All dates for Lomilomi massages and trainings, Hula dance, Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian-based life coaching, and Aloha...

Workshop Hula
October 1, 2021
6:30 pm

Hula School Na Wai 'Ohi'a - Annual Performance


Kirchgemeindehaus, Küsnacht

We are very happy to invite you to our annual Hula performance (Hoi'ke). We will show what we have learned in the past twelve months in traditional and modern dances.

Special Guest: our teacher Kumu Keala Ching from Hawai'i

Workshop Kumu Keala
October 2 and 3, 2021

Hawaiian Language and Values with Kumu Keala Ching


CHF 450.–

Workshop with Kumu Keala Ching on Hawai'i's language and Hawaiian values.

Workshop Kumu Keala
October 4 - 6, 2021

Self-Ho'oponopono with Kumu Keala Ching. Emotional Intelligence from a Hawaiian Perspective


CHF 850.-


Hotel auf der Rigi

Ho'oponopono is one of the most important Hawaiian philosophies of life. The term is based on the Hawaiian word pono, roughly meaning "righteousness". The doubling of the word underlines the importance of the subject.

Workshop Hula
October 9 and 10, 2021
9 am to 4.30 pm

Hawaiian Hula Weekend with Kumu Keala Ching


CHF 450.-


Stadt Zürich, Kreis 8 Seefeld

We learn Hula-Kahiko (traditional dance) and Hula Auana (modern dance). In addition, we practice chanting and learn more about the history of hula and the culture of Hawai'i.

Workshop Lomilomi
October 15, 2021
9 am to 6 pm

Skills training for diploma students


CHF 150.-


Hale AlohaSpirit, Meilen

Our diploma training includes supervision of your skills in relation to Lomilomi. You show us how you massage another diploma student, how you conduct anamnesis, pre- and post-talk. After two hours the roles are exchanged. The supervision is also preparation for the diploma examination.

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