Fake News - Recognizing and Avoiding It
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Newsletter December 2023

Fake News - Recognizing and Avoiding It

Facebook, Instagram & Co. are fascinating sources of information. Whether regarding health, politics, or Hawai'i - all news can be found there. Nonetheless, they are also a source of misinformation. How can we deal with that?

The time has come!
Newsletter October 2023

The time has come!

A new era has begun at AlohaSpirit. We have closed our hale in Meilen and are opening a new training center and Lomilomi practice in Zurich Seefeld on November 1st, 2023. However, not only is AlohaSpirit moving; we are also introducing several innovations - for example, Lomilomi …

AlohaSpirit - NEW in Seefeld, Zurich
Newsletter August 2023

AlohaSpirit - NEW in Seefeld, Zurich

Decisions are like fruit. They take time to ripen, they require patience. I didn't realize that for a long time. After it became clear that I would have to leave my previous Hale - after 16 years of happiness - I started looking for a new home for AlohaSpirit. Looking at a …

What a wonderful celebration! 20 Years of …
What a wonderful celebration!
Newsletter July 2023

What a wonderful celebration! 20 Years of Hula School Na Wai ‘Ohi‘a

One more night of sleep... But how? Excitement and anticipation are keeping me awake. For months now, the performance at "Millers" in Zurich Seefeld has been our goal. We have practiced, practiced and practiced again! The dress rehearsal was today, fortunately very successful.

The end is the beginning
The end is the beginning
Newsletter April 2023

The end is the beginning

When I first entered my little barn on the Pfannenstielstrasse in Meilen, the building was no more than a run-down storage room, four walls and a roof. Build my Hale here? My future? Difficult. What I recognized immediately: the incredible view. To the lake! To the mountains! The …

A L O H A!
Newsletter February 2023

A L O H A!

In my everyday life, I have consciously devoted myself to the topic of gentleness for quite some time now. To me, gentleness is the foundation of getting along well with the people around me. Thereby, there is no quarrel. It does not come to war. Things run smoothly between me …

In memory of Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva
Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva
Newsletter December 2022

In memory of Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva

A few days ago, Kumu Dane left on the Wa'a, the canoe, for his final journey. In my heart, immeasurable sadness.

Lomilomi - Your future?
Collage Lomilomi
Newsletter October 2022

Lomilomi - Your future?

Our next round of courses in Lomilomi massage begin in January. Are you interested in diving into the world of Hawaiian bodywork? Do you want to understand what connects Lomilomi and the Pacific Islands' philosophy of life? Then your first four days of Hawai’i are awaiting in …

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