Lomilomi exercise treatments with protocol

Module 9 / Exercise treatments

During the guided self-study, we will familiarize you - a prospective Lomilomi practitioner - with the following aspects of the therapeutic process:

  • Assessing the need for treatment according to method-specific criteria.
  • Informing the client about the Lomilomi massage and the corresponding costs as well as payment modalities and insurance benefits

Agreement on goals

  • Planning of measures
  • Implementation of session
  • Pre- and post-treatment talk.

Learning Objectives

  • Within the framework of the guided self-study, you will conduct a total of 30 Lomilomi massages independently, partly at AlohaSpirit, partly at locations of your choice. The sessions are recorded according to the instructions by AlohaSpirit. After completion of the practice sessions, you will present what you have learned to the group, where we will discuss it together.

Good to know

The self-study is divided as follows:

  • 5 practice sessions after module 2
  • 10 practice sessions after module 3
  • 15 practice sessions after module 4

We accompany you during the conduction, answer your questions and are always at your side.

AlohaSpirit is the only Lomilomi school in Europe that is recognized by the Association Lomilomi Hawai'i.

All our courses meet the requirements of EMR and ASCA. Whether a course is recognized as further education for your registered method, however, is determined exclusively by EMR or ASCA.

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