The relaunch of our website is online

Newsletter May 2021

More beautiful than ever:

We were happy before, now we are even happier. Why? AlohaSpirit has a new website. YAY! We've been online for a few days now. Traraa! Fresh as a daisy. Beautiful. A gift to you, to everyone - and to ourselves!

Of course, the website is better than ever. Clearer. Slimmer. Faster. More beautiful, as well as more informative. For example, we explain how comprehensively the Hawaiian Healing Arts affect body, mind, and spirit. How soothing they are. Moreover, on the homepage, we point out that the effects of Lomilomi and massage are scientifically (Did you know that?).

If you like: Go to the website now. Dive in. Pay attention to the atmospheric photos and the new slogans. Read what AlohaSpirit has to offer at the bottom of the home page: "10'000 hours of Lomilomi experience" - "Recognized by the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine" - "Oldest Hawai'i Center in Switzerland" ... Of course you can also test our new online booking tool.

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