Workshops with Kumu Keala

Kumu* Keala Ching is a teacher and consultant to numerous Hawai'i-related international organizations. Moreover, he is a songwriter as well as our teacher in the areas of Hula and Ho'oponopono. Kumu Keala has been attending and teaching AlohaSpirit for twenty years. He is a dedicated promoter of the - long suppressed - Hawaiian language, and lives the Hawai'ian values that fascinate us. In short, Kumu Keala symbolizes the Aloha Spirit.

What is more, Kumu Keala is co-founder and head of the foundation "Na Wai Iwi Ola" – which translates to "The ancient waters of Life". The foundation's mission is to preserve and maintain Hawai'i's culture and customs.

*Kumu: Hawaiian for teacher

Hawai'i Gitarre

Hawaiian HULA-Weekend with Kumu Keala Ching from Hawai'i

We will learn Hula-Kahiko (traditional dances) and Hula Auana (modern dances). In addition, we will practice chanting and learn more about the history of hula and Hawai'i's culture.

Kumu Keala Ching

Emotional intelligence from a Hawaiian perspective

Ho'oponopono is one of the most important Hawaiian philosophies of life. The term is based on the Hawaiian word Pono, roughly meaning "righteousness".

Kumu Keala Ching

Workshop with Kumu Keala Ching on Hawai'i language and Hawaiian values.

«The Aloha Way»